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Here are the links on Amazon (UK) : Over the Hills and Far Away

Link for Kindle reader on pc if you don’t have a Kindle: Kindle Reader For PC


Over the Hills and Far Away… And a Bit of An Update..

Over the Hills and far away is a slightly reworked version of an old story named “The Road From Ballylaneen to Skellig Michael” reworked a little to make itpossible new cover with text more appealing to the target market of a kids story. The cover is re-designed as well. The target age was really 7 – 11 years old, but I suspect that adults may get something out of it too. The new version will be on Amazon shortly in both paperback and Kindle versions.

The interesting part of this story is it is very much meant to be a prequel to a trilogy books that are as yet unwritten, but I estimate that the first one will be available this time next year, and will be entitled, “Into the Light”. The remaining two books (“Back to the Light” and “The Light Within”) will follow at annual intervals. Before this a new standalone novel called “Anybody” will be released in the spring, and finally “Overboard” next Autumn.

In the meantime there will be a few new mixes on the short stories available on Amazon and Smashwords, pairing slightly different older stories for the first time, Should make for an unusual mix!

The plan for this is to mix one story form “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories” with another story from the short story collection “Liverpool”.  There will equally be paired stories from my standalone stories as well, though obviously these will be much fewer. Again, watch out for them on the Kindle Store. Also as per usual I shall be writing a Christmas story which I will as usual put on my website prior to Christmas. By way of a final explanation, this shall be my new home website wise now. I used to have my own website, but this shall suffice for now. So bookmark this page and speak soon!


4th June 2012

Today is the day! Within the next hour “Liverpool” will be available to purchase in either paperback or Kindle formats from several websites. Paperback version is a little pricier than I would like, but there are a lot  of pages in there! It’s a little late, but I got there in the end! Over the next few days I shall be making individual stories from the new collection available in Kindle format only at lower prices, though it would obviously be much more cost effective to buy the whole collection in one go! Links as follows:

Kindle & Paperback formats:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Michael-White/e/B006Y7J


Lulu paperback format:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-white/liverpool/paperback/product-20166868.html  
Smashwords (Various E-Reader formats) :  

(The Lulu and Amazon paperback formats are slightly different sizes, hence the different page count.)


Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories now available in Paperback from Amazon!

Great news – as per the main site page, I am pleased (slightly chuffed, over the moon etc etc) to announce that as of yesterday, “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories” is now available in Paperback from Amazon! Retail is a highly reasonable £6.99 – link follows:



Good news – the new short story collection called, “Liverpool” is finally ready! Second editing is under way so please watch this space for release  details. I’m currently estimating about a month.

Liverpool Short Story Collection Update

Good news!

The work on the new collection of short stories, collectively titled, “Liverpool” should be available in May. At this minute in time I am unsure of the exact date as I want to get it just right before I launch.  Plus once I’m happy with the book I need to sort out publicity stuff, paperback prints etc.

A few things are sorted out already, however, including the cover (which you can have a butchers at below) and the actual stories inside. Word count is still a little vague, but I figure we are looking in the region of 85,000 words, which will be the biggest book I have released yet! As a taster, here are the titles contained in the book, though the running order may change a little.

1. Bob the balloon, Al Capone and the two bob bouncer

2. Nec Aspera Terrent

3. The strange case of the toff’s policeman and the curious elm

4. A good day at the office

5. The history detectives

6. The order of Pan

7. The lipstick girls

8. The last bomb, Aloise’s cafe’ and death by cow

9. The ghost next door

10. A large sweet tea, please

11. A place in the clouds.

These are all written, and I as I post this I am just finishing number 11. So watch this space!

Another Update!

Moving with the principle that “It never rains but it pours” I thought I’d give a quick update where I am up to with various scribblings I am working on at the moment.

The next short story collection is going to be called, “Liverpool” as curiously, that is where all of the stories are set! So far I have three stories done for it, and all in all it will probably be about ten in total, and probably have about the same word count as, “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories” which is around 60,000 words or so. So far the stories completed are, “A Mantra”, “A Good Day at the Office” and “The lipstick Girls”. I should have another one proofed soon called, “Collateral Damage”.  I think that may be around 10,000 words or so. The next one I hope to have done by the weekend has the rather cool title of, “Bob the Balloon, Al Capone and the Two Bob Bouncer.” Neat, uh?

Finishing time for the overall book I’m not sure about but probably late May. After that I have a few ideas but as I’m concentrating on “Liverpool”  at the moment I’ll leave that for a later post.

More updates soon!

New Stuff, Promotions and Where the Hell Have You Been???

Hmmmm… I really must update this more often! (Ahem!)

Anyway. New stuff now on Amazon (Free for three days) is a bit of an odd one. It looks like fantasy – even smells like it! But it isn’t! Blurb: “A new short story from the increasingly difficult to categorise list of titles by Michael White. PLEASE NOTE: This is most definitely not a traditional fantasy story, and is most definitely not for people who bought “Bored of the Rings” expecting it to be about hobbits…. you have been warned!

It is probably best to also say that no dragons were harmed during the writing of this story, and that it contains no swear words, sex scenes or alcohol. It does make frequent use of be-headings, sudden human incineration etc etc.
It’s all got something to do with gold, apparently…” You can probably tell by the picture here that this is just going to be just as weird as all the other ones! Links are below for both UK and US. If you have time tell me what you think! That’s all for now!(Oh  – by the way – it goes by the rather snappy (!)  title of, “The Dark Knight Rizan the Destroyer, the Lair of the Ice Wyrm Vandrakarn and the Strange Incident on the Ninth Level of the Dungeon of Tharg” Enjoy!


Happy New Year!

…Belatedly… happy new year! Busy busy busy here – but thought I had better update the old blog to tell you a few things that I have finalised and some things that I am currently working on.

The first bit of news is that I am now offering paperback versions of two of my books via Paypal. The additional benefit of this is I will include a personal dedication decided by yourself inside the book, as well as signing it. Prices are £5.99 including postage for “Paul McCartney’s Coat” and £4.99 for “Tours of Note”. This offer applies to UK only, please allow fourteen days for delivery. To purchase, send payment via Paypal to mike.white2010@gmail.com and follow this up with an email to the same address stating the dedication you require and delivery address. Any queries please feel free to message me on the same email address or via the contact form on the website.

The next bit of news is that I have (finally!) standardised the prices for the Kindle versions of my books on Amazon, as well as expanding the range available by splitting some of the longer short stories into seperate titles, as well as publishing some of the other tales that are not available anywhere else. Price list follows:

Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories (Sampler) 99p

Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories (Full Version) £2.99

An Inspector Calls (which is included in the full version of “Paul McCartney’s Coat) 99p

Squire Bidecombe’s Tree (which is included in the full version of “Paul McCartney’s Coat) £1.99

Tours of Note (Novella size – not available anywhere else) £1.99

The Fae Wynrie (Not available anywhere else) £1.99

Vallum Aelium (Not available anywhere else, but please be aware this is a very short ghost story, reflected in the price)  £0.77

International and European prices are available for similar prices on the respective Amazon websites. To find any of the titles above, just search by title on Amazon.

Finally, just a quick note to say that you do not need a kindle to read any of these books – Amazon has a nice handy application that you can use to read purchased Kindle titles on your pc or mac. (Just search on your relevant Amazon website for “Kindle app” – download and voila! Handy, eh?)

Oh, and finally finally… what am I working on now? Well – here’s the cover – it’s more short stories and they are all linked together. (The title on the cover kind of gives it away what they are linked together by!) Should be available late Spring, hopefully!

Here it is!

Tours of Note Now Available and Some Price Reductions…

Just a quick blog to let you all know that “Tours of Note” is now live on Amazon and Lulu. Links to purchase are on the purchase/download pages of michaelkwhite.co.uk

As well as that I have reduced the price of both the paperback and Kindle versions of, “Paul McCartney’s Coat and Other Stories”. Great bargains for Christmas presents!

So what’s next? Well, I have started on the short story “The Fae Winrey” which will be on my website by Christmas. As a special Christmas present it will be available online to read for free, or as a downloadable PDF on here. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!


Mike White. 23rd November 2011.